...Nothing must stand 
Between you and the shapes you take 
When the crust of shape has been destroyed. 

Mark Strand, The Monument 

:: upcoming ::

group show
organized by Nicola Martini
Opening on May 7th 2016 from 7pm
May 8th - May 29th  016
485 Lorimer St. 
Brooklyn, NY (USA)

group show
curated by Whatspace and Jeroen Doorenweerd
Opening on May 14th 2016 from 5pm to 10pm
May 15th - June 25th  016
Binckhorstlaan 161
2516 BB, Den Haag (NL)

residency-working period
2015 - 2017
Supported by Mondriaan Fonds
Stadhouderskade 86, 1073 AT
Amsterdam (NL)

The Dying City II
text by Giulia Cenci published in the book
a project by Salottobuono, edited by Matteo Ghidoni
Milan, Venice, Mexico City, 2015
On show at 
Archivio/Italia, Italian design in the collection of Archivo Diseno y Arquitectura
in the frame of Design Week Mexico 2015
October 22nd 015 - January 15th 016
Archive Design and Architecture
Mexico City, DF 11840 (MX)

Ri-pensare il medium: il fantasma del disegno
group show
curated by Cristiana Collu and Saretto Cincinelli
October 17th - November 15th  015
 Casa Masaccio
San Giovanni Valdarno (IT)

the collection
group show
Opening July 4th 2015 from 5-9 pm
July 5-18  015
Thu - Sat / 2 - 6 pm 
Rue Brialmont 11, 1210 Sint Joost ten Node, 
Brussels (B)

group show
curated by Whatspace.nl
Opening on April 16th 2015 from 5pm
April 16-19 / 24-26 015 
 Studio Grunewald
Jacob Van Caeneghemstraat 3, 9000 Gent (B) 

group show
curated by Andrea Bruciati
Opening on March 28th 2015
March 28th - May 24th 2015 
Via Garian 64 Passariao, Codroipo (IT)

group show
curated by Alex Bacon
Opening on February 12th 2015
February 12th 015 - March 6th 015 
Parkstrasse 3780 Gstaad (CH)

solo show
Opening on December 11th 2014
December 11th 014 - January 30th 015 
Via Garian 64, Milano (IT)

solo show
 Opening on September 20th 2014, from 6pm
September 20th - November 8th 2014
Via Amati 13, Pistoia (IT)

curated by Antonio Grulli
Opening on October 11th from 6pm
 October 11th - Novermber 15th 2014
Piazza dei Martiri 5/2, Bologna (IT)

A Petit Fair
solo show
September 26th-28th 2014
hosted by  Frutta Gallery
Via Giovanni Pascoli 21, Roma (IT)

Open Studio
group show
June 28th - July 2nd 2014
Opening on June 26th from 4pm
Onderwijsboulevard 256, 's-Hertoghenbosch (NL)

The Blanck Kitchen and Conversation
presentation of the catalogue
curated by Claudia Santeroni
May 18th 2014
from 1pm to 3pm 
The Blank Residency
Via Guarenghi 50, Bergamo (IT)

open interview
curated by Claudia Santeroni
April 1-3, 2014
from 1pm to 3pm 
The Blank Residency
Via Guarenghi 50, Bergamo (IT)

group show
curated by Giovanni Oberti
March 8- April 15 2014
opening on March 8th from 7pm
Via carlo Porta 10, Monza (IT)

group show
24-26 Januaty 2014
opening on January 24th from 9pm 
Strada Maggiore 42, Bolgona (IT)

group show
28-30 November 2013
opening on November 29th from 7pm 
Vaartstraat 45/Rue du Canal, Brussels (B)

If you want me again/look for me under your boot-soles
solo show
curated by Qinyi Lim
8-10 November 2013
Present Future- Artissima
Turin (IT)

group show
curated by Lelio Aiello
1-25 October 2013
opening on October1st from 6pm 
Fair, Firenze (IT)

group show
curated by Silvia Cini
29 June 2013 from 9pm 
Teatro Garibaldi Aperto
Via Castrofilippo 30, Piazza Maggiore, Palermo (IT)

group show
curated by Taru Elfving
opening on June 18th from 6pm 2013
june 19th- august 17th 2013

group show
curated by Ermanno Cristini, Samuele Menin, Luca Scarabelli
opening on April 21 from 5pm
April 21st june 30th 2013
MIDEC, Palazzo Perabò, Cerro di Laveno (IT)

Nie Dieu Nie Maitre
catalogue of the show
curated by Andrea Bruciati
Galleria Massimo de Luca, Mestre, venice (IT)

publication (mousse publishing)
XVIII Advanced Course in Visual Art

"Il formare avviene nel modo del circoscrivere, come un includere e un escludere rispetto ad un limite."